Projects in Development

High Tea Yum Cha

A variety show on wheels, featuring fun and mystifying bite size acts where east meets west in a fusion of art, fashion, food and music.

In High Tea Yum Cha everything comes to you!

A Slice of Art

Meet The Slicer, The Shooter and The Trader in A Slice of Art, a fun, interactive performance and visual art installation where Greg Clarke’s digitally enhanced photos are given away, hot off the press!

A Slice of Art throws up questions about the value of art and what would you do to get the one you want.

You the News

'You the News’ (working title) will be a media performance event that invites the audience to question who makes the news and what is ‘your’ role in making the news.

What is the news in the 21st century and who is making the news? Citizen journalism is now acknowledged to be a key contributing factor to making the news. The general public collect, disseminate and comment on news worthy stories which are generally distributed by the internet. With mobile phone cameras continually pointed at events or happenings that can be considered news, we are in a moment in time where life is continually captured and distributed 24/7. Whilst the mobile phone camera is often pointed towards the action, it also pointed back towards the user.

In development in 2017 for premiere in 2018.

Jan van de Stool

with Jan van de Stool

A show that takes it up the arts!

Already an interpretive dancer, singing psychologist and musical masseuse, cult comedy and cabaret legend Jan van de Stool is now adding talk/variety/game show-host to her extensive ego.

Along with her trusty pianist Helen, Jan introduces you to celebrity guests, Dutch parlour games, and plebs from the audience as she bridges the gap between millennials and your Mum.

 For partnership and commissioning enquiries contact Julianne Pierce