High Tea Yum Cha is an immersive variety and cabaret experience on wheels, celebrating the chaos of yum cha and the politeness of high tea, with live performance by Asian-Australian performers presenting bite size solo works through to ensemble pieces. Incorporating contemporary performance, engineering, design and Asian inspired culinary delights, High Tea Yum Cha, is an innovative and new form of Asian-Australian theatre.

In High Tea Yum Cha the only thing not moving is you, as all of the performances are staged on specially designed trolleys that move in and around the audience. Challenging form and gender, it will feature performers with Asian backgrounds from dance, musical theatre, cabaret, dance parties, opera and underground theatre.

Choreographer, performer and director, Paul Cordeiro is the Artistic Director for the production with the performers being selected by both invitation and via an audition process. Paul, born in Singapore, has been a performer and choreographer for the last twenty-five years. Over the last 10 years he has specialised in cabaret and independent dance practice, creating spontaneous public performances in dance, solo performance works and directing work within the alternative cabaret scene. Paul will work with each of the selected artists to develop works specifically for the show.


Planned for February 2017.


Flat floor open space area – size variable


Local arrangements coordinated with presenter

Creative Team:

Artistic Director & Choreographer

Paul Cordeiro


Virginia Hyam & Greg Clarke

Music Director

Trevor Brown

Design Consultant

Anna Tregloan

Paul’s artistic vision:

“I want to create a show that will entertain, enthrall, unsettle, and tickle the fancies. This is variety and cabaret in a giant hot pot, chopped, sliced and served up by incredible performers. High Tea Yum Cha is a show that will exploit the cherished manners of high tea against the ravenous consumption at yum cha! Creating beauty while tearing down traditions. Coming from a background in dance, musical theatre, cabaret, large-scale dance parties, opera and underground theatre, this menu of performers will be serving dishes of hot and cold delights like no other. Unleash the divas, redden the painted nails, strut the beautifully unique. Prepare to be astonished. Polish the silver and raise the lanterns. From the yum cha trolleys of Hong Kong, karaoke in hot pants with a high heel twist, to a hot pot with a slippery fish too big for any Lazy Susan or a belt out from an androgynous Manila Diva. We will glide amongst you, dance onto your tables and shimmy onto your plate! Expect the delicate, the bold, the kitsch and the extravagantly colourful.“


Contact the Art Engineers

Virginia Hyam


Mb:+61 (0)414 447 791

Greg Clarke


Mb: +61 (0)430 833 802