Jan van de Stool already has a cult following having been seen and loved by over 1 million people online, onstage and on TV since 2004. With her devoted ‘Fan de Stools’ swapping favourite lines with one another online for days after Jan’s every appearance, famous celebrities lining up to be interviewed by her online, and many of Jan’s Dutch-accented catchphrases having permeated Australia’s theatre world like tetanus, there is no better time for Jan to launch her theatre show...

This show is in development

“...if the audience response is a guide, van de Zandt just might have van de Stool on the verge of comic greatness.”

Sydney Morning Herald


“...a cross between the unshakeable self-importance of The Office’s David Brent and the cringe making terror tactics of Marjorie Dawes, the abusive flab fighter from Little Britain...”

The Sun Herald


“...provokes simultaneous laughter and shudders and recalls nothing less than the frightmare early-glory days of Dame Edna...”

Sunday Telegraph